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Rage Tail Produces – Smith Mountain Lake Elite Event

Smith Mountain Lake in VA was host to the Elite Series event called the Blue Ridge Brawl this past April 23rd through 26th. Four  StrikeKing pros finished in the top ten including Kevin VanDam who took the win with a 4 day total of 61 pounds 13 ounces! Congratulations Kevin! Greg Hackney (shown on left) […]

KVD’s quote from “Jigs – Any Where Bait”

Question: What trailer are you putting on the football-head jig? VanDam: I’m either using a Rage Chunk or a Rage Craw. I personally like to fish the Rage Craw on the football-head jig. The Rage Craw is a little longer than the Rage Chunk. I like the Rage Craw because when it comes over a […]

A Raging Brauer

Question: Denny, why do you like the Rage Craw? Brauer: To catch more bass, I’ll fish a non-traditional lure in a place that calls for fishing a traditional lure. The Rage Craw is a classic example. If the water where I normally fish a tube has too much tube pressure on it, I’ll fish a […]

Rage Craw Rigging

Rage Craw Is the most action packed Craw design on the market. With the slightest movement of the rod tip, the claws start flapping back and forth and create terrific action and vibration in the water. This versatile design lends itself to a variety of popular rigging techniques that have proven effective at the highest […]