New Color – Green Pumpkin Sapphire

Rage TwinTail Menace - Green Pumpkin Sapphire

One of the new colors in the Rage Tail line-up this year is: Green Pumpkin Sapphire.


Shown on our new Rage TwinTail Menace, the GP/Sapphire should be a great choice for any water clarity. Try it on a swim jig, trail a flipping or finesse jig or try the new Rage Menace on a naked jig in the current for Smallmouth.

New Color – Green Pumpkin / Purple & Gold Flake

Green Pumpkin / Green & Gold Flake Shellcracker

One of the new colors in the Rage Tail this year is Green Pumpkin / Purple & Gold flake.
Shown on our new Shellcracker, it’s sure to be a winner!

The Rage ReCon Worm

The 8 inch Rage ReCon Worm is a cousin to the popular Rage Anaconda and has to be the finest sickle tail worm ever designed! The Patented Rage Flange on the tip of the sweeping tail provides a seductive action that Bass can’t resist. It can be T rigged, C rigged or Rage Rigged with terrific results. The thin Ribbed body provides a softer texture and added movement so that even finicky fish will bite and hold onto it. A Great Color selection is available as well so Check it OUT!!!