Denny Says Chunk It!

Question: Denny, why do you like the Rage Chunk?

The Rage Chunk is designed to be the trailer for the Denny Brauer Premier Pro-Model Jig. It’s the perfect size, so the angler doesn’t have to add anything to make it fit on the jig. Also, he doesn’t have to bite off a portion of the bait and then worry if he’s bitten off too much or too little for the chunk to look natural on the jig.
The Rage Chunk is the perfect size when it comes out of the package. The angler only has to thread it on the jig and go fishing. The Rage Chunk has the same kicking action with the claws as the Rage Craw does. Strike King has incorporated all the good properties of the Rage Craw into the Rage Chunk. I really like the Rage Chunk because it has all the kicking and the swimming action in its pincers as the Rage Craw. When the fish are really hitting the jigs on the drop in thick cover, I’ll use the Rage Chunk as my trailer.

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Rage Tail Chunk Comments

The Rage Tail Chunk is a exceptional soft plastic jig trailer for bass fisherman.
The Rage Chunk’s patented claws are packed full of action. The vibration produced while moving and the life-like defensive posture while sitting makes the Rage Chunk a great choice for bass anglers seeking a unique jig trailer or even a finesse craw to be used in light line applications.

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Rage Chunk Rigging

Rage Chunk

Is the best action jig trailer on the market today and can be used on the standard skirted football, flipping or casting jigs, and on a stand up jig head as well. It is a very popular trailer for all sizes of jigs. The Rage chunk can be threaded on the hook or just placed on the bottom U shape bend of the hook for a longer profile. It provides maximum action with the slightest movement of the rod tip or on the fall with even the lightest weight jigs.