How and Why to Fish the Rage Tail Shad

Question: James, what’s your second choice of new lures?

Niggemeyer: The Rage Tail Shad.

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Rage Shad on a Swimmin’ Jig

This was not my idea but was referred to me by one of our Pros……Folks are now rigging the Rage Shad on a jig head, both skirted and unskirted, with the Tail upright toward weed guard and deep cranking it like a chatter bait presentation.

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Rage Tail Shad – Not Just A Topwater Bait

The Rage Shad and it’s superior action is not limited to topwater. The Rage Shad can also be used as a wake bait, sub-surface search bait and even a swimbait with some slight rigging changes.

By using a light weight swimbait or keel weighted hook (preferably 4/0 EWG – 3/16oz -1/4oz), the Rage Shad can be fished just below the surface and deeper with a lot of control. One of my personal favorite methods to fish the shad along these lines is to rig the shad on a Carolina rig and create a disturbance well below the surface and trigger the strike of deep water bass.

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