The Rage Anaconda is a “Next Generation” soft plastic worm available in both 7 and 10 inch models.
The Anaconda is unlike worm ever produced and is sure to become a great lure for anglers tackle boxes. The slithering action and vibration of this bait coupled with the great color selection makes it a great choice to catch big bass.

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Ellesar has submitted this comment about his experience with the Rage Tail Anaconda while fishing with his father. Thanks for the product feedback Ellesar.

I’ve really had some great success with the 10″ anaconda in the grass. It’s interesting that my dad had a hard time feeling the hit with a senko and missed a lot of fish ( I also suspect there were lots of bites he never felt). With the anaconda that’s not a problem. It has been been my experience that the fish just crush the thing. He had one that nearly pulled the pole out of his hand it hit so hard and so fast. Here is a picture of my dad’s anaconda fish caught in the past few weeks.