• Get your Rage-On watching:

  • EXCITING BIG BASS footage in the Winch ‘em Out & Flippin’ a Fatty videos filmed somewhere in Texas.

  • Exploring some KILLER BAIT PREVIEWS watching our the Rage Tail – Bringin’ Heat series and previous videos.

  • and by clicking that “like” button if you caught a fish using a Rage Tail Bait.


Rig it Right – Rage Thumper
Rig it Right – Rage Eeliminator
Rig it Right – Rage Toad and Shad
Rage Tail Cut R Worm – Rig it Right
Rig it Right – RageTail DB Craw
Rage Tail Shrimp & Crab – Rig it Right
RageTail BUG by Strike King Lure Co!
Rig it Right – Rage Tail Craw
Rig it Right – Rage Bug
Rage Tail Bug in the Everglades
Flippin’ for Big Redfish
Winch ‘em Out
RAGE TAIL Bringin’ Heat Series
Winch ‘em Out 2
RAGE TAIL Original Series
KVD, Denny and Shaw talk Rage Tail
RAGE TAIL Next Generation Series
Monster Bass
Flippin’ a Fatty
Monster Bass 2