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Last week was FUN with the fish all excited over rising water conditions! It made this technique PERFECT for the conditions. The new 1oz Oldham Spinnerbait with a redesigned head shape for a straight fall causing the blades to helicopter without fouling, was used with the Rage Eeliminator as a trailer. The Eeliminator and the big #6 and #5 blades makes a formidable profile which IMO is a Mini A Rig look and can be used in a huge variety of conditions and water depths, including SLOW dragging deep ledges etc.

Terry Oldham and I discussed the Head change several months ago during a fishing trip and I told’em I was going to FLIP it as soon as I got it in… so I DID I trim the head of the Eeliminator and a very slight trim on the sides to make the body less bulky and fit like a large grub on the hook. Also, mount the Eeliminator with the Tail pointed Down opposite the hook point so that the Tail rides upward directly behind the Hook during slow retrieve. Hope yall enjoy it and maybe even try this out sometime… IT’S KILLER for me

Break down your water and change it up

Break the water down into a variety of styles of fishing and then change it up.

First level structure like shallow flats and coves, use search baits like spinnerbaits, topwaters, jerks, flukes, T rig plastics and shallow cranks. On the shallow weed edges, fish your presentations parallel to the edges when possible. Concentrate on the points and finding the subtle differences in the variety of structure that is available. Also look for isolated brush, sticks, laydowns and anywhere vegetation or moss beds are in unusual places. Never assume that the bottom is completely flat and watch your depth finder for changes in the bottom like ditches, old creek channel etc. Once you locate fish, slow down and pitch or Tx rig etc.

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