Rage Tail Shad Testimonial “A Great Bass Bait”

Just about a year ago, Strike King introduced the Rage Tail series of soft plastic baits at ICAST 2007. The buzz was on about this new design for sure and now I understand why. The “Rage Tail” design is not your average curly tail, floppy legs or paddles found on most baits these days but […]

Rage Tail Lizard Comments

The Rage Tail Lizard is a “next generation” soft plastic 6 ” lizard recently released by Strike King Lure Company. This lizard is unlike anything ever released to bass fisherman and sure to become a great lure for anglers to entice those big bass. The vibration produced coupled with the great color selection makes it […]

Rage Tail Toad Comments

The Rage Tail Toad is one of the original Rage Tail creations to hit the bass angling market. The Rage Toad is an exceptional soft plastic frog for bass along and over the heaviest cover on the lake. The commotion produced coupled with the great color selection makes it a great topwater choice to catch […]

Rage Tail Space Monkey Comments

The Rage Tail Space Monkey is a “next generation” soft plastic creature bait. The Space Monkey is unlike other creature baits on the market which is sure to become a great lure for bass anglers flipping and pitching creature baits. The vibration produced from the patented ragetail design and the great color selection makes it […]

Rage Tail Lobster Comments

The Rage Tail Lobster is the “next generation” of the soft plastic rage craw. The Lobster has a bigger profile, bigger claws and produces more vibration than any other craw available to bass anglers. Coming in at approx. 5″, the rage lobster is likely to become a great lure for anglers tossing texas rigged craws […]

Rage Tail Chunk Comments

The Rage Tail Chunk is a exceptional soft plastic jig trailer for bass fisherman. The Rage Chunk’s patented claws are packed full of action. The vibration produced while moving and the life-like defensive posture while sitting makes the Rage Chunk a great choice for bass anglers seeking a unique jig trailer or even a finesse […]

Rage Tail Shad Comments

The Rage Tail Shad has become one of the hottest topwater bass lures across the country. The Rage Shad is unlike any other soft plastic top water baits ever released to bass fisherman. The amount of commotion created by the rage shad and the multiple applications it can be fished makes this a great all […]

Rage Chunk Rigging

Rage Chunk Is the best action jig trailer on the market today and can be used on the standard skirted football, flipping or casting jigs, and on a stand up jig head as well. It is a very popular trailer for all sizes of jigs. The Rage chunk can be threaded on the hook or […]

Anaconda Rigging

10″ Anaconda & 7″ Baby Anaconda This Worm Design is the most advanced in the fishing world today. It has already been responsible for helping to win many major Tournament victories across the country and just recently during the 2008 FLW East West Fish off, Greg Hackney set the all time weight record for a […]

Rage Lobster Rigging

Rage Lobster This design is our largest profile Craw specifically made for generating the most water movement and visual action ever produced from a Craw style bait. Its versatility provides the fisherman with an opportunity to attract even the most finicky fish in heavily stained waters. The Rage Lobster can be rigged with a variety […]