Rage Craw Rigging

Rage Craw Is the most action packed Craw design on the market. With the slightest movement of the rod tip, the claws start flapping back and forth and create terrific action and vibration in the water. This versatile design lends itself to a variety of popular rigging techniques that have proven effective at the highest […]

Rage Lizard Rigging

Rage Lizard This Lizard is like no other 6 inch Lizard in that its appendages, all 4 legs and the tail all have tremendous action with the slightest movement. Many tournaments have been won on this unique design and many more will follow in the future.The Rage Lizard can be rigged with a variety of […]

Space Monkey Rigging

Space Monkey This design is one of the most popular new Creature Baits on the market. It has unbelievable action regardless of the way it is fished and adds an attractive yet natural look that fish have never seen. The Space Monkey can be rigged with a variety of hook sizes and styles depending on […]

Rage Toad Rigging

Rage Toad

Rage Shad Rigging

Rage Shad