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How and Why to Fish the Rage Tail Shad

Question: James, what’s your second choice of new lures? Niggemeyer: The Rage Tail Shad.

Rage Shad on a Swimmin’ Jig

This was not my idea but was referred to me by one of our Pros……Folks are now rigging the Rage Shad on a jig head, both skirted and unskirted, with the Tail upright toward weed guard and deep cranking it like a chatter bait presentation.

Rage Tail Shad – Not Just A Topwater Bait

The Rage Shad and it’s superior action is not limited to topwater. The Rage Shad can also be used as a wake bait, sub-surface search bait and even a swimbait with some slight rigging changes. By using a light weight swimbait or keel weighted hook (preferably 4/0 EWG – 3/16oz -1/4oz), the Rage Shad can […]

Rage Tail Shad Comments

The Rage Tail Shad has become one of the hottest topwater bass lures across the country. The Rage Shad is unlike any other soft plastic top water baits ever released to bass fisherman. The amount of commotion created by the rage shad and the multiple applications it can be fished makes this a great all […]

Rage Shad Rigging

Rage Shad