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The Awesome and Versatile Jig!

The versatility of jig fishing makes it an important tool in most any fisherman’s arsenal and for any size or type of predator fish desired, especially BASS. The variety of jig styles, shapes and sizes are produced for the many different uses and presentations that are effective. The only thing difficult to learn about jig […]

The Rage Rig

Find out more about the foolproof rig coined The Rage Rig. Quick and easy to rig, this multi-application rig bridges the gaps of presentation and the highest performance possible…

Some of my fishing done in part by watching TV

Weather reports can play a big part in your fishing success.

Rage Tail Products Work As Jig / Spinnerbait Trailers

Ragetail Baits have many uses as trailers for jigs, spinnerbaits & buzzbaits.

When your “Go to bait does not work” what should you do?

by: Win Stevens Lake of the Ozarks, MO The best way to answer this question is simply, don’t become attached to any one bait.

Down Sizing with Rage Tail When It Counts

by: Brent Callicott Union City, Tennessee find me on facebook As a flipper / pitcher myself most of the time, I hope this tip will help you the next time you have a hard time getting one of those finicky bass to bite. In my book, there are basically four ( 4 ) types of […]

Extreme Close-up Angling

Extreme Close-up Angling submitted by: catt It’s the middle of the spring spawn and the hawgs are on the bank, problem is, you can’t see the bank. The banks on the south end of Toledo Bend are covered with buck brush, button brush, willow trees, cypress trees, & numerous other types’ vegetation. In fall the […]

Killer Shallow Water Technique

submitted by catt Down in South West Louisiana we have numerous shallow water marshes with depths ranging from 1 ½ – 2 ½’ filled with various type of vegetation with the most predominate being water lilies. My favorite such marsh is Lacassine Wildlife Refuge which has produces numerous double digit bass every year. Probably the […]

Grass Flipping Tips

Grass Flipping Tips submitted by catt Maintain contact with your lure at all times, allow the lure to free-fall unrestricted without letting slack form in the line; follow your lures down with your rod tip. Pay close attention to the depth you’re flipping, any sudden change in the amount of line you’re using could mean […]

What makes Kevin Van Dam…KVD

Many of us remember really well about the times we won and why we won. Kevin remembers more about the times he didn’t win and why he didn’t. He learns from every mistake or miss judgment that he or those around him makes, he maintains high energy,  he pays attention to detail & he has […]