Down Sizing with Rage Tail When It Counts

by: Brent Callicott
Union City, Tennessee
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As a flipper / pitcher myself most of the time, I hope this tip will help you the next time you have a hard time getting one of those finicky bass to bite.

In my book, there are basically four ( 4 ) types of the Craw….the Rage Lobster, the Rage Craw, the Rage Chunk and the Rage Baby Craw.

You can use each one of these as a jig trailer, on a Carolina rig, for Texas rigging or simply without a weight ( weightless ).

I have found using all 4 with the Texas style rig very productive.  Yes, that’s right, using the Rage Jig Chunk as a Texas rig style bait works.  What I do, is when I use the Rage Tail Lobster, I use anywhere from a 3/0 hook to a 5/0 hook.  I then move down to the Rage Craw using 3/0 to 4/0 hook.   You can also  use a 2/0 hook as well.

Then when it comes to the Rage Chunk, use a 1/0 to 2/0 hook.  This works good for me.  This is where I am a little different.  It produces something smaller when the bass tend to be a tough bite.

Also on the Baby Rage Craw, the 2/0 and 3/0 hooks do well for Texas rigs.

As for weights, this is up to you to determine.  I personally like a somewhat slow fall year round which means I go on the lighter side with weight..

These methods also work well dragging across the bottom like a football jig using at least a 1/2 Tungsten weight.

I hope this will enhance your fishing the next time you decide to try something different.  That is what I like to do is fish differently than anyone else most of the time.

Good Luck,


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