Killer Shallow Water Technique

submitted by catt

Down in South West Louisiana we have numerous shallow water marshes with depths ranging from 1 ½ – 2 ½’ filled with various type of vegetation with the most predominate being water lilies. My favorite such marsh is Lacassine Wildlife Refuge which has produces numerous double digit bass every year. Probably the most productive way to fish these shallow water grass fields is with any type of weed less top water bait. With the recent popularity of plastic frogs, imo, they have became the #1 lure of choice for many bass anglers.

As many of y’all may know, going against the grain of what is popular will often produce better results simply because it’s different.

Enter the Rage Tail 10” Anaconda with its unbelievable tail action. I use this awesome worm and a simple technique to set the bass population into a feeding frenzy. Texas Rig a 10” Anaconda with a Strike King Saber Point Round Bend Offset 5/0 hook weightless. Cast that bad boy into the thickest, nastiest, lily field around and start working it across the pads like a big ole snake, stopping it in every opening regardless of size and hold on tight cause you just might get you’re rod broke. The bass will also explode on the Anaconda while working it across the surface sending a shower of water and lilies high into the air, heart stopping to say the least.

Simple yes…effective absolutely