Rage Tail Produces – Smith Mountain Lake Elite Event

Smith Mountain Lake in VA was host to the Elite Series event called the Blue Ridge Brawl this past April 23rd through 26th.

Four  StrikeKing pros finished in the top ten including Kevin VanDam who took the win with a 4 day total of 61 pounds 13 ounces!
Congratulations Kevin!

Greg Hackney (shown on left) finished in 4th place with a 4 day total of 57 pounds even. Most of Greg’s fish were caught using the soon to be released “Baby Rage Craw” and he was quoted as saying;  “I put a 5/0 hook in it and used it on the bed fish,” he also said. “For whatever reason, the bass like that smaller bait.” Way to go Greg!

Shaw Grigsby finished in 6th place with a 4 day total of 54 pounds 3 ounces.
Nice job Shaw!

And James Niggemeyer (shown on right) ended the 4 day event in 7th place, also with a total of 54 pounds 3 ounces. Niggemeyer who fought his way back from deep in the pack, used a Rage Tail Lizard on Day 3 to catch a 7-02 Largemouth that stood as the tournaments biggest fish.
Congratulations on the tournament’s “Big Fish” James, well done!