Rage Tail Products Work As Jig / Spinnerbait Trailers

by: Brent Callicott
Union City, Tennessee
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Folks, I thought that on this months Pro’s Tidbit, I would share with you the many different Rage Tail line of baits I use as trailer.

To start, I am mostly a jig fisherman myself.  I like using more than just the Rage Chunks and Rage Craws as my trailers for jigs.
I like the Rage Lobster added to my jig for that extra big bite or to slow the fall of my jig.  I also like using the Rage Space Monkey, the Rage Smokin’ Rooster also.  They give that extra action to my jig if needed.  Like I have said before, being different is what I am looking for.

Now, a few other ideas and ways to use “used” Rage Tail Products is……for example the Rage Anaconda and Thumper can be used on the back of a spinnerbait.  Just simply shorten these baits to the desired length and man, they work well.

One other way is using the Rage Lizard and Rage Hawg as Jig and spinnerbait trailer.  I have found that the rage Hawg works well, best for me.

One last thing, try using the Rage Anaconda ( shortened some ), the Rage Craw & Lobster, the Rage Lizard, the rage Smokin’ Rooster and Rage Eeliminator on a Buzzbait without any skirt….just the Rage Product.  I think you will like the results and also like that you can cast this a mile.

Good luck with these ideas.  They sometimes do not work for everyone but just some “outside the lines” ideas I use for something “different”

These are just different ways to fish the large line of Rage Tail Baits from the standard methods.

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