Rage Tail Saltwater Series Shrimp & Crab Introduced At ICAST


StrikeKing introduced the new saltwater series of Rage Tail baits this year at ICAST 2010, which is sure to be a big hit with sport fishermen. Manufactured with the new Elaztech Material, the Rage Shrimp and Rage Crab will be very durable and can be rigged multiple ways. Each can be fished on jig heads, T rigged or C Rigged and on a variety of hook styles both weedless and open. When C rigged, they’ll float above the weight regardless of your hook size.

There will also be a re-sealable tube of our new Saltwater Formula Scent included in the bag.

As with many of our other products, you’ll need to separate each of the small tear tabs prior to fishing.

IMPORTANT: They’re made from a new Elaztech Material and you MUST keep them separate from other standard polysol plastic baits like all of our other RT’s are presently produced from.

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