Rage Toad Rigging

Rage Toad

  • The Rage Toad provides more splash and water movement than any other soft plastic Toad or Frog design. It is slightly less aggressive than the Rage Shad and excellent in both open water as well as over pads and grass beds.
  • The Rage Toad should be rigged on a 5/0 minimum EWG Superline hook. Insert the hook point in the nose of the Toad approximately 3/8 to ½ inch and bring it out under the toad’s chin. Push the hook completely thru turning it over so that the point of the hook is pointing towards the bottom of the Toad. Leave the eye of the hook slightly exposed in the tip of the nose. Re insert the hook completely thru the belly just ahead of the V between the Toads legs and lay the hook point and barb in the recessed back slot. Then push the point forward to skin hook in the front of the slot to make it totally weedless. Important to keep the nose and bottom of the Toad in its original keel or boat shape so that it will plane out on the surface easily and run perfectly true. If hooked incorrectly, the Toad’s back will be bowed upward and the toad will flip over on its back during the retrieve.
  • You can also use a keel weighted hook for similar top water action and receive further distance in casting and/or wake bait swimming just below the surface.
  • When using screw lock hooks, you can go up on the hook size up to 6/0 and 7/0 as they allow the hooks eye to set more forward than a standard 5/0 EWG hook and won’t stretch out the overall length of the body.

Important – Pause a second after the strike to let the line tighten or let the fish load up on the Toad before setting the hook. Many times with top waters on the original strike, the fish will try to cripple the bait then they will quickly turn and eat it. So this slight pause before setting the hook is recommended.