Some of my fishing done in part by watching TV

by: Win Stevens
Lake of the Ozarks, MO

The Weather Channel is on a lot of the time. I use the computer to check the weather for the area where I’m going to fish. I definitely keep an eye on the weather. That’s because the weather, arguably more than any other single factor, determines when and how well fish will bite. Like every fisherman, I have my favorite conditions.

I like a light breeze with it a little cloudy and with the water temperature in the high 60s or low 70s, those conditions might exist a dozen days a year. An angler has to adapt if he’s going to survive on the tournament trail.

My theory on the effect of barometric pressure, that meteorological phenomenon that can send fish into a feeding frenzy or give them lockjaw.

When you have a high bluebird day and high pressure, like you get when a (cold) front passes through, those are days when it can be really tough to catch fish. Fish aren’t going to move much, and they’re going to be tight to cover.”

I found fishing so difficult in these conditions that I learned to use a flipping stick and added it to my arsenal. Flipping a jig with a Rage Craw can be a s-l-o-w technique, and when the barometric pressure is high and the sky clear and bright, s-l-o-w can spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s.

That’s why I started fishing a flipping jig with Rage Craw, the Space Monkey and the Smok’n Rooster, when you have those conditions, I don’t think fish are going to chase bait. It’s like a guy sticking a finger in your face. If he sticks it there 12 or 13 times, you’re finally going to get tired of it and slap it out of the way. If you keep putting a bait in front of a bass going to hit it.

“I think the reason that a lot of guys don’t catch fish in those conditions is that they fish too fast.”

These include bright sunshine, heavy and prolonged rain and wide temperature fluctuations.
I don’t mind fishing in the rain and not opposed to being on the water in the face of a fast-moving high-pressure front that starts a day warm and drizzly and ends it cool, windy and dry.

What I do mind is being unprepared to fish the condition correctly..

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