Space Monkey Rigging

Space Monkey

  • This design is one of the most popular new Creature Baits on the market. It has unbelievable action regardless of the way it is fished and adds an attractive yet natural look that fish have never seen.
  • The Space Monkey can be rigged with a variety of hook sizes and styles depending on the type of presentation you are looking for. The most popular is Texas rigged using a bullet weight from 1/8 oz to 1 oz depending on the amount of wind and water depth when fishing, ¼ oz is standard. For casting with a drag and stop, or lift and fall retrieve, an un-pegged weight is very popular. For flipping or pitching in brush or trees, a pegged weight is advised to keep the bait and weight together which helps you to better navigate the structure as well as, provide a more vertical presentation.
  • You can also use the Space Monkey as a Jig Trailer when a slightly larger or longer profile is desired over the standard chunk size trailer. This can be used on the standard skirted football, flipping or casting jigs, or on a stand up jig head as well.
  • Carolina rigged is also very effective using as light of a weight as necessary for the wind and depth conditions. This technique allows the bait to free swim at any and all depths which is very attractive to the fish.
  • Another up and coming rig is using a keel weighted hook. This allows the bait to fall with a different profile and action and is extremely effective for finicky fish in shallow water and over grass or moss beds. Light or low wind conditions are best for this style of presentation.
  • Completely weightless using an EWG hook in the sizes mentioned below, gives an excellent finesse top water presentation that allows a gentle fluttering, flapping top action and lets the bait slowly fall in the grass pockets when needed.

Any of the popular hook designs are effective with the Space Monkey which includes Standard offset worm hook and EWG hook. Preferred sizes are 4/0 to 5/0 in each.