The Rage Rig

Find out more about the foolproof rig coined The Rage Rig. Quick and easy to rig, this multi-application rig bridges the gaps of presentation and the highest performance possible…

Back in 06-07 when the Rage Tail products were being introduced into the marketplace, I often mentioned to others and on several fishing forums, how the use of Weighted (swimbait) hooks were equally effective for many different soft plastic designs and not just for swim bait style presentations. It was also my experience over the years, that as I designed more action in my products they were especially desirable with this technique providing the same slow and more horizontal fall/glide to the bait while giving a seductive waving or swimming action that was very attractive to the fish. The baits that would provide more appendage movement with the slowest fall or glide seemed to get the most bites. With this presentation and technique, the name “Rage Rig” was given to the application which fit this style closely.

The first type of bait that I used it on was big curl tail worms dating as far back as the 70′s where I pinched one or several split shot or other cylindrical line weights on the bottom bend of the hook to achieve the proper effect and desired fall rate when fishing this presentation. Other baits that were effective were Lizards, Craws as well as Creature style designs. The fact that the slower fall and basic horizontal glide was often effective in a variety of water conditions, made it a staple presentation for me and I have since kept at least one rod rigged at all times for when the need arises. Over the years, I’ve figured out that in certain situations, not only is it the best choice for bites but also for the Bigger Bite. When the bigger fish are in shallow to mid range conditions I’ll often find the Rage Rig in my hands and my confidence beaming!

It is important to remember that the Rage Rig is not necessarily used with a continuous swimming motion or retrieve… But moreover utilizing a slow lift or drag forward and pause, as one would normally fish a slow T-Rig or C-rig set up. The bait maintaining a horizontal profile and slow seductive fall, are two of the main attributes to this presentation. Easing the Rage Rig through and over scattered grass can be extremely productive as well and it doesn’t foul nearly as much as a standard T-rig. The bait basically settles on top of the grass or flutters down in the open pockets firing up some ridiculous strikes.

A few years ago, I was asked to help with the design and tweaking of a new weighted swimbait hook. A hook meant to perform best with this presentation. The weighted Stroker was released shortly after with the launch of the Moaner Hooks brand and it’s PERFECTLY suited for use with the Rage Rig.

Just last year at the BassResource Roadtrip on Kentucky Lake, one of our members “Steezy” used this same rig with a Summer Craw colored Rage Craw to consistently catch as many fish if not more than anyone else in the boat each day that he was on the water… and he was a backseater! We were calling it a “Steezy Rig” after his stellar performance.

Since it has proven itself so many times for me and my many fishing friends, the Rage Rig is here to stay… At least in my boat it is!

Author: Steve “Big O” Parks
Rage Tail Lures Designer
Strike King Lure Company