When your “Go to bait does not work” what should you do?

by: Win Stevens
Lake of the Ozarks, MO

The best way to answer this question is simply, don’t become attached to any one bait.

If you are attached to any given bait, you may be close minded if the current fishing situation doesn’t call for that particular presentation.  So, when you are fishing, ALWAYS keep an open mind and adapt to the situation that is given to you.
I am sure you have heard of ‘thinking outside the box.’  Well, the same applies to your fishing.  We have all caught good fish one day and then gone back the next day under the same conditions, using the same bait and can’t get a bite.  This is the time to not be attached to the bait you used the day before and start thinking ‘outside the box.’  Instead, most anglers keep on fishing with the same bait they used the day before and they’re going to make the fish eat that bait no matter what!  It’s just like buying a new bait.  You wait all week to fish this new bait, but the condition and situation that you’re fishing may not call for that bait.  But, because you paid a pretty penny for the bait, you are going to use it…no matter what.  Then you get upset and never use the bait again, thinking it was a waste of money.
So don’t get hung up on your ‘go to bait.’  If you keep an open mind, your fishing will greatly improve.

Good Fishing!

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