The revolutionary technology that changed soft-baits forever.

The secret to the best action comes from a patented flange design that catches water and moves appendages at any speeds.

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Rage Craw

Versatility & unmatched action

Rage Shad

Topwater bass slayer

Rage Swimmer

Perfect swimbait action

Featured Videos

Rage Bug – Rig It Right

Rage Tail Designer Steve Parks illustrates some of his favorite rigging techniques for the popular RageTail Bug

Big Worm Fishing for Monster Largemouth Bass in Mexico

Breaking down the techniques for the brand new 7" Mag CutR Worm and the 10" Thumper Worm from Strike King's Rage Tail Series.

Rigging Tips for the Rage Tail Lobster

The BEST rigging tips on the Rage Tail Lobster for bass fishing detailed by Rage Tail Designer Steve Parks.